Johannes Lechner, BSc

About Me

I am a Music Producer 3D Designer Sound Designer 2D Illustrator Web Designer Programmer Unity Developer

Sound Designer, Music Producer, Web and generally Design enthusiast. Passionate about games and music.

Currently studying Sound Design in Graz, AT


2008 to 2016
BRG Fadingerstraße Linz
  • Visual Education
  • Informatics
  • Media
  • Geometry (Digital 3D)
2016 to 2020
University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria

Mediatechnology & -design

  • Audio/Video Production
  • Game Development
  • Usability
  • 3D and Video
  • Video Postproduction
Lack & Technik

Marketing Internship

  • Web Design & Development of own site
  • InDesign Product Catalog (~330 pages)
  • Concept Development of Training Videos
  • Writing Manuals for employees
Bachelor's Thesis

Music in Computer Games on the Basis of Selected Examples

Lack & Technik


  • Web Desing & Development of own site
  • Filming, Cutting, Grading of Training Videos
  • Writing Manuals for employees working on the website
2020 to 2022
University of Applied Sciences FH JOANNEUM Graz<br>University of Music and Performing Arts Graz

Sound Design - Joint Master's Degree

  • Live Shows
  • Experimental Art
  • Music Production
  • Game & Movie Sound
  • 3D Audio
2021 to 2022
Medienfabrik Graz /


  • 3D Renderings
  • 2D Illustration
  • Fictional Cover Designs
  • Animations
  • Python Scripting
  • InDesign Print Presets


Master's Thesis

Sonic Interaction Design on Websites

Building a Small Framework Using the Web Audio API


All Projects

The Sinus Sound Ensemble - Beat of a Heart | Audio/Video Production

Project Goal: Professionally created a song with a music video.

Team members:
Fabian Erlach (Audio Production, Video Concept, Video Production, Video Cutting & Postproduction)
Felicia Salhofer (Singing)
Johannes Lechner (Audio Production, Audio Arrangement, Audio Mixing & Mastering, Video Production)
Julian Salhofer (Audio Production, Recording, Video Concept, Video Production)
Matthis Weichselbaumer (Audio Production, Audio Arrangement, Video Production)

Living Room | Interior Render

Interior Design Rendering

Made from scratch using Blender and Photoshop

Fluffy | Game Jam Production

A game, developed at GameJam Hagenberg 2018, an event where teams of up to 5 people have 36 hours to create a game.

About the Game:
This is a quick game based on dexterity and competition. Each player has two keys to control the direction in which the dog is running.
The goal is to lure as much sheep into the own gate (marked by colour) as possible. The dogs can collect power-ups to gain various advantages or disadvantages. You can try stealing sheep from another player’s gate but beware of the shepherd who will hit you, leaving you stunned for some time. Fluffy can be played with 2-6 players, the more players, the more fun.

Patrick Brandstätter (Programming, Voice Actor)
Johannes Lechner (Audio Recording, Audio Programming, Voice Actor)
Marlene Mayr (Programming, UI)
Martina Maurer (Graphics)
Christoph Weidlinger (Programming)

Zolemac | Open World Creature Catching Game (Discontinued)

Zolemac is a story driven, creature fighting and catching game in a fictional, semi-realistic open world.
This game was being developed as an extracurricular activity but development has stopped.

Team members:
Florian Fritzl (Concept, Programming, UI)
Johannes Lechner (World Creation, Texturing, Environment Creation, Programming for Environment, Modelling)
Martin Standfest (Storyline)
Michael Brandt (Storyline)

Tools used: Unity, git, Photoshop, Blender, Visual Studio

Horus | Character Sculpt

Character Sculpt of Horus, the Egyptian god, as an assignment for university. Everything has been done in Photoshop and Blender.

Smith Divorce Agency | Spec Spot

Assignment for a course in video production. Video material by Dinko Draganovic; Music, Cutting and Color Grading by myself.

Fletnyx - Harmonic Rush | Drum & Bass Song Production

My latest release under my Drum & Bass artist Fletnyx. Music, Art and video made from scratch using FL Studio, Photoshop and After Effects.

fs7 Audio | UI/Web Design

Website for my label “fs7 Audio”. Running on WordPress with a selfmade plugin and a custom design made with Elementor and custom JS/CSS.

View in action:

Black Paper Songlink Widget | WordPress Plugin Development

A custom WordPress plugin that provides an easy way for artists to show links to their music releases. This world by accessing the API and saving the data locally on your webserver. The links can then be shown with any css classes desired – all from within a wordpress widget.


Contributors: Johannes Lechner
Written In: PHP

Lack & Technik Produktkatalog | Front Page Design for a Product Catalog

The front page for a product catalog I designed while working at Lack & Technik VertriebsGmbH. I tried to modernize the design a bit while maintaining the common red/blue color theme, which was present in previous brochures. The Logo was provided by the firm and shouldn’t be changed.

Programs used: Adobe Illustrator (& InDesign for the whole catalog)

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Data protection
I, Johannes Lechner (Place of residence: Austria), process personal data to operate this website only to the extent technically necessary. All details in my privacy policy.